Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Just pretty fairies?

There is a lot of artwork by current-day artists, with the subject of fairies. I noticed this a while back as I was looking through some artwork that a teenage girl that I know, had printed off the internet. This girl was really into fairies, and I noticed that in every single piece of work---we are talking dozens of pictures---there was a crescent moon---either in the background or as a piece of jewelry or other accessory.It made me think that this cannot be coincidence. All these different fairy artists are including a crescent moon---why? 

I asked a friend who had been involved in Wicca, and this is what she knew:
Fairies (faeries) are magical beings that are part of Celtic folklore. They are pieces of the goddess' spirit (pagan counterfeit of the Holy Spirit). Christians have a cross as a spiritual symbol; the crescent moon is the pagans' symbol. It is a symbol of the maiden part of the goddess (the goddess being three parts: Maiden, Mother and Crone, another counterfeit). The crescent moon points to the right as the maiden; the full moon is the mother, and the crescent pointing left is the crone. 

Fairies were part of mother nature and took part in bringing about the seasons, and in paganism they are the counterfeit for angels. 

Very interesting, don't you think? We should be aware of this as we look at pictures of fairies. The fairies may seem innocent and beautiful, but as an artist myself, I know that nothing is unintentional in the composition of a piece of art. The moon wasn't put into each fairy composition just because it looked good. The artist has done their research into the origin of the Faerie, and they know what they are doing. That the artist is involved in paganism is a strong possibility.
 Oh, be careful little eyes what you see... 

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