Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Omniscience, Omnipresence, and Satan

Satan and his minions are not all-powerful, all-knowing, or all-present. Only God has these qualities. However, Satan does seek to counterfeit these qualities to deceive us into thinking he is like God.
Is it possible for Satan know what is in your mind? Can he read your thoughts? Are thoughts spiritual communication? When you pray, aren't you thinking thoughts to God? If so, and Satan is a spiritual being, can he hear or recognize that spiritual communication? Can Satan plant thoughts in your mind, or does he guide you to think certain thoughts? 
 God created angels with high intelligence. Satan is an angel, albeit a fallen one. Angels are so intelligent, that frankly humanity's greatest genius appears mentally retarded next to them. Satan hates that his authority and position as worshiper have been lost to a bunch of retarded beings. 
If Satan was originally given dominion over the earth, then he does know the intricacies of keeping it "in tune" so to speak. He knows not only spiritual and musical matters but also physical. He is very observant.He doesn't need to peer into your mind to know what you are actually thinking. He has studied human nature since Adam was first created. That's a long time to study human nature. If a hot looking woman walks by, he can tell if your temperature or pulse rise. If you lie, he sees your eyes dilate. He can listen to the subtleties in your voice. He notices how you react to things. Gathering all this information, he can deduce what makes you tick, and what your weak spots are. If man can study this in a small lifetime and use this information, think about one who has studied it over millennia, how well he has mastered it.
Guard yourself. Guard your thoughts, actions and your words. 
If Satan is so intelligent, then why did he revolt against God in the first place? For some reason he really thought he could pull off  overthrowing God. I don't know why he would think that and convince a third of the angels as well, but the fact remains that he really thought he could do it. He gave himself over to a reprobate mind, wilfully believing a lie. His pride in himself made him think he was bigger and better than he was. Did his pride and reprobate mind make him less intelligent? No. But it did blind him to certain things. That blindness in him also in some ways serves to protect us. Or maybe God just shields some things from his knowledge to protect us, such as, Satan pushes and he just keeps pushing and he takes it too far, so far that we decide after a while, that we are not going to put up with him any longer, so we go to God and fight back. If Satan wasn't blind, he would know to back off for a while and not push us into the protection of God. 
Knowing this about him, I would warn you not to make "warfare trash talk" about him. It does nothing but bring you down below the level that God wants us to operate at. It shows that we are relying on something in ourselves to show him up. God doesn't want any trash talk. He wants us to understand that any power to overcome Satan does not come from anything we do ourselves. It doesn't come from our intellect, or our mega spirituality. It doesn't come from following any formulas or rituals. It only comes from being covered by the blood of Jesus Christ, meaning, we must accept Jesus as our savior for that protection. We do not have power over Satan. Only God does. Living in obedience to God, knowing the truth in his Word, and trusting him for everything, is what we need to do to protect ourselves against Satan.

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